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Founded in 2007, we provide a comprehensive selection of wellness services including: 

acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, mercier therapy, energetic healing and beauty services. 

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Begin your week with wellness! Call or email to book a 30 or 60 minute acupuncture and infrared biomat session with cranial sacral, cupping or gua sha. ($50/$90)

Featured Services:

MERCIER THERAPY: Mercier therapy is a soft tissue visceral manipulative therapy technique used to help restore the health and general well being within the female pelvis. Contact our center to book this service, 206-329-2060.

BIOPUNCTURE for BEAUTY & PAIN RELIEF: Biopuncture is the injection of sterile, homeopathic, solutions into acupuncture points. It can be used to improve the appearance, stimulate collagen production or reduce pain. Add it to your next traditional or 5 Element acupuncture treatment with Vickie or book it separately. 

LYMPHATIC CLEANSE MASSAGEA combination of lymphatic flow massage and acupressure to support seasonal transitions and detoxification. Using extremely light and rhythmic touch, Lymphatic massage is ideal for those experiencing edema (swelling,) a sluggish immune system, lack of energy, or those seeking additional aid in the midst of a cleanse. Lifestyle recommendations and an herbal tea are included. This session is more holistic in its approach, and is less suggested for those seeking treatment-based support.  $100 *includes seasonal tea

WELLNESS CONSULTATION: Expert advice and Chinese medicine diagnosis from one of our founders to improve wellness and address chronic conditions such as weight management, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disorders and others. An appointment includes dietary and herbal therapy recommendations as well as lifestyle coaching and support. $175

5 ELEMENT EVALUATION & TREATMENT: Vickie Summerquist EAMP identifies your constitutional element and dominant 5 element patterns. Lifestyle coaching and support, dietary recommendations,5 element acupuncture/acupressure & 5 element smelling salts are provided to restore balance. $175

5 ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE: 5 Element Acupuncture is an acupuncture modality that uses moxa and acupuncture to address 5 element patterns. This can be scheduled after an initial 5 Element evaluation. $125


COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE PACKAGE (supports healthy aging and improves the appearance of the face)

5 visits $550 *saves $50
10 visits $1000 * saves $200(Does not include the Initial Visit).Initial Visit $175 (includes Vital Facial Serum)


4 Massages $320


4 Return visits $320

4 5 Element Treatments $360

Check the following list of our providers and insurances to be sure that your visit will be covered by your plan.

First time cash pay Massage Therapy visits can be booked online.

For first time insurance pay for Massage or Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Maya Abdominal Massage, or 90 minute massages please email or call the center to book.

For more information about our providers, services and patient forms, please visit our website


Roxane Geller EAMP: Aetna, First Choice, Kaiser HMO/PPO, L&I, Lifewise, MVA (PIP), Premera, Regence, United.

Vickie Summerquist EAMP: Aetna, First Choice, Kaiser HMO/PPO, L&I, Lifewise, MVA (PIP), Premera, Regence, United.

Kate Chilson EAMP:  Aetna, First Choice, Kaiser PPO (only), L&I, Lifewise, MVA (PIP), Premera, Regence, United.

Robin Anderson EAMP: Aetna, Lifewise, MVA (PIP), Premera, Regence.

Have BCBS? Be sure to check if your plan uses Premera or Regence as Lily is only contracted with Regence.

Bradley Darr LMP: Aetna, First Choice, Kaiser PPO (only), L&I, Lifewise, MVA (PIP), Premera, Regence, United Choice Plus (only). Brad is currently not accepting new clients for Aetna and Premera. 

Katherine Mulholland LMP:  Cash pay, $90 and PIP. We can bill out of network for your plan or provide a superbill for reimbursement.

Lily Kerson LMP: MVA (PIP), Regence.  We can bill out of network for Premera or provide a superbill for reimbursement.

Triauna Powell LMP: Cash and PIP. 

****Insurance coverage for massage requires a prescription even if your plan says it does not need one.


This should include Diagnosis Codes, Start and End dates, Number of treatments, and Referring Doctor. 

You may fax it to 206-329-2357.

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